Vijana Amani Pamoja Scholarship Program


For Granted is working to promote children’s rights through education with Vijana Amani Pamoja , an NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya. Vijana Amani Pamoja is an organization run completely by volunteers, working to promote health and education through football programs targeting teenagers. The organization uses the curriculum developed by Grassroots Football to encourage children to think critically and creatively, while pursuing their education. For Granted has worked in Kenya since 2008, when we had the opportunity to visit Vijana Amani Pamoja and developed a partnership enabling disadvantaged children to attend school.

Kenya is in great need of educational support and programs like For Granted’s Scholarship Program, because of the numerous development challenges the country is facing. Currently life expectancy is only 48 years and 60% of the population lives on less than two dollars a day. However, progress towards universal education for Kenyans is improving, with school enrollment up 2 million since 2003. These progressive steps in the field of education are making these children, leaders of change and progress for future generations. With your help For Granted hopes to extend and expand our scholarship program. Please click on the links below to provide educational support for children in need.

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