Past Projects


Ivato Orphanage Nutrition Program


Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and possesses some of the world’s most incredible biodiversity. However, with approximately 50 percent of the population living below the poverty line, the country struggles with insufficient health care, access to clean water, and nutrition. During a crucial period, For Granted helped financially support the Ivato Orphanage to provide nutrition for the 60 children in Antananarivo. The Ivato Orphanage was struggling to properly care for these displaced children for several years. Through the efforts of For Granted and many generous donors, the children were able to receive two balanced meals per day when the children would previously go days without any food. Currently, the Ivato Orphanage is not seeking external financial assistance from For Granted. It has made great efforts to improve its organizational structure and financial security.


AGIR Scholarship Program

Burkina Faso

The Burkina Faso scholarship program supported AGIR from 2009 to 2011 in order to provide educational support for deserving students in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is a land locked country in West Africa, faced with extreme poverty and 14 million inhabitants. In 2009 Burkina Faso ranked 177th out of 182 countries on the Human Development Index, making it one of the lowest countries ranked. The gross primary school enrollment in Burkina Faso has increased rapidly from 57% in 2005 to 72.5% in 2007, though the literacy rate remained low at 33%. The 33% literacy rate was linked to the lack of secondary schools and poor enrollment in secondary schools.

The Burkina Faso scholarship provided students with funding to receive their secondary school education. The students selected for the scholarships came from extreme poverty and difficult environments. Further, the selected students all demonstrated great academic success and a strong desire to excel in school in order to obtain their chosen profession. The program was started in conjunction with Action Governance Integration Reinforcement (AGIR), a local organization in Burkina Faso. For Granted worked closely with AGIR to design the program and AGIR served as our implementing partner helping to ensure community involvement, monitoring of the program, and accounting for program expenditures.


Bani Scholarship Program

Burkina Faso

For Granted worked with the Bani Scholarship School Committee to provide scholarships to secondary school students of rural Bani, Bukina Faso. Bukina Faso is a country in West Africa, with nearly half of the population subsisting on a dollar a day. Bani is a very poor area located between Ougadougou and Gorom-Gorom, that faces educational difficulties common in the country. The extreme poverty in Burkina Faso equates to a lack of resources and opportunity, especially relating to education.

This scholarship program enabled children to gain an education who would otherwise have to drop out of school before reaching their teenage years. Scholarships provided students with lodging and meals to successfully complete their secondary education.


Moving the Goal Posts Scholarship Program


For Granted worked with Moving the Goal Posts, an NGO working in Mombasa, Kenya, to provide educational scholarships for girls in economically depressed Kilifi. Moving the Goal Posts works to promote leadership for girls through education, reproductive health education, HIV/AIDs awareness, and by providing economic opportunities. Moving the Goal Posts is working with young women in the Kilifi district of Kenya because of the high illiteracy rates and lack of opportunities for women in the area. Throughout this area of Kenya, young women face the difficulties of not only high poverty rates, but also of early marriages and unequal opportunities in education. Working with For Granted allowed Moving the Goal Posts to provide scholarships for young girls, who would have otherwise forgone educational opportunities.


CCW Education Program

Republic of Dominica

In the Republic of Dominica, For Granted partnered with Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. and the Committee of Concerned Women (CCW) to help the education efforts in Kalinago. The CCW is a local NGO that works with the indigenous Kalinago community of the Republic of Dominica to offer humanitarian assistance in response to the pressing needs in the territory. Further, the organization promotes educational development by providing tutoring, supplies, supporting special education, and by offering educational out-reach programs.

Working with For Granted, Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. delivered domestically donated books and educational supplies to the Committee of Concerned Women that worked closely with the community to identify the educational needs and distributed the donations.


Outer Island Education Program

Republic of Kiribati

In 2006 For Granted established an Education program in Kiribati (pronounced Kee-ree-bahs) to aid the education of children from disadvantaged communities on the outer islands of the country. Kiribati, located in the Central Pacific, consists of 33 low-lying atolls and coral islands. It is the largest atoll state in the world, straddling the equator for approximately 2,000 miles. Kiribati is a beautiful country rich in culture and kindness. However, it is one of the ten poorest nations in the world and desperately needs assistance in developing its early childhood education.

For Granted partnered with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and the Kiribati Association of Non-Government Organizations (KANGO) to facilitate the program in Kiribati. Over two years, For Granted shipped nearly 1,500 lbs. of books and educational supplies to Kiribati, providing much needed aid to Tarawa, Marakei, Abaiang, Nonouti, and Kiritimas (Christmas) islands. Many villages on the outer islands of Kiribati do not have any books, paper, writing utensils, or countless other basic resoures for educating their children. For Granted is provided these valuable items so children in Kiribati can properly begin their early childhood education and have greater opportunity for success in the future.


Temotu Rain Tank Project

Republic of Kiribati

For Granted worked with a Peace Corps Volunteer, Patrick Kane, and the Temotu Village Committee to provide a rainwater catchment system for the community. The Temotu Village Committee is a women led group that aims to improve the welfare of the community members. The organization designed the rainwater project in order to raise village health standards through providing greater access to clean water. For Granted helped the village obtain the needed supplies for the project and the community donated their efforts to build the rain tank system. The project was a huge success and the people of Temotu are very thankful for their new clean water supply.


Ougadougou Artisan and Microfinance Project

Burkina Faso

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) is a disabled people’s organization started in 2003 in collaboration with Handicap Solidaire Switzerland to defend the interest of physically disabled people in Burkina Faso. HSB is a NGO that is able to respond to the needs of the people it serves through providing local solutions to the beneficiaries. Handicap International reports that 7% of Burkina’s 14,000,000 population is disabled and they are often excluded by their families and communities who do not want or are unable to invest in their treatment, training, or education. Physically disabled people face difficulties that threaten their development and integration into society. The government of Burkina Faso currently has no policy on disability and lack of opportunity compromises their socio-economic independence.

For Granted teamed up with HSB to promote sustainable livelihoods for disabled people in Burkina Faso by providing microfinance loans and artisan workshop support. The project aided in the economic independence of disabled artisans by providing microcredit and assisted in marketing products made by disabled artisans effectively. The project also allowed for training in management and marketing skills that helped disabled people become active participants in their own socio-economic development. The completion of the project promoted a positive image of disabled people in the area and aided in their inclusion in society.


HIV/AIDS Awareness Football Tournament


For Granted teamed up with Vijana Amani Pamoja to host a football tournament focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Vijana Amani Pamoja uses the power of sport as the impetus for comprehensive youth-focused HIV prevention.

The football tournament was designed using the Grassroots Soccer methodology of creating a passion for football to prevent HIV, to lower the HIV/AIDS rates in a Pan-African effort. It was organized with sixteen teams, ages 14-16 and 16-18. The tournament provided peer educators, educational campaigns, and community testing for HIV/AIDS. Participants, spectators, and organizers all found the tournament to be a great success and VAP hopes to organize similar projects in the future.


NY BOCES Parent-Child Home Program


For Granted donated needed toys and educational materials to help support the BOCES Parent-Child Home Program which is designed to stimulate the development of educationally at-risk Pre-K children. Trained Home Visitors model to parents/caregivers how to talk and read to their two- and three-year-old children, using developmentally appropriate books and toys. This family literacy program is home-based and provides educational services for each child, preparing him/her to enter pre-school at age four. Children who complete the Parent-Child Home Program enter school ready to learn and graduate from high school at the same rate as middle-income students. This program provides services for 40 at-risk families, and funding is through subscription in Suffolk County school districts. To learn how you can help support the Parent-Child Home Program please visit the link below: