Ougadougou Artisan and Microfinance Project

Burkina Faso

Handicap Solidaire Burkina (HSB) is a disabled people’s organization started in 2003 in collaboration with Handicap Solidaire Switzerland to defend the interest of physically disabled people in Burkina Faso. HSB is a NGO that is able to respond to the needs of the people it serves through providing local solutions to the beneficiaries. Handicap International reports that 7% of Burkina’s 14,000,000 population is disabled and they are often excluded by their families and communities who do not want or are unable to invest in their treatment, training, or education. Physically disabled people face difficulties that threaten their development and integration into society. The government of Burkina Faso currently has no policy on disability and lack of opportunity compromises their socio-economic independence.

For Granted teamed up with HSB to promote sustainable livelihoods for disabled people in Burkina Faso by providing microfinance loans and artisan workshop support. The project aided in the economic independence of disabled artisans by providing microcredit and assisted in marketing products made by disabled artisans effectively. The project also allowed for training in management and marketing skills that helped disabled people become active participants in their own socio-economic development. The completion of the project promoted a positive image of disabled people in the area and aided in their inclusion in society.